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the cure of heart pains without the use of surgery proceedings, Ladislao Calderón treats the patients of angina pectoris and otherscardiac arrest, considered hopeless according to scientific medicine. || Medical Test Confirm the amazing results. ||















The coronary disease begins with narrowing of the coronary arteries due to the information of greasy deposit.  One begins the accumulation of lipid and cholesterol that are deposited inside the arterial wall. They locate between the tunica intimate  an the average. constituting a stimulate  irritating  for the arterial  wall , the react  with  inflammatory  process forming a sclerotic  fibrous  layer  that  produces  the rigidity  of the wall.
The wall arterial, when narrowing itself prevents the normal flow of the blood   and if the turbulence of the blood does but coarse the surface of the plate can accumulate platelets   and leukocytes forming sanguineous clots and blocked the artery.
When the therapy with drug can’t control the disease, the scientific medicine recommends the coronary operations of bypass
Segments are taken from the safena vein of the leg, where a venous abundance exists and it’s used to encircle the blocked arteries. An  end  is united to the  aorta  to obtain  the sanguineous contribution and the other  is insert in the coronary  sector  that is beyond  of the point where  this the obstruction
Of the way the normal circulation through the coronary ones is recovered. The greater surgery of the heart become under general anesthesia, and the intervention usually lasts several hours, starts off of which the function of the heart and the lungs must be assumed by a machine of extracorporeal circulation.