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the cure of heart pains without the use of surgery proceedings, Ladislao Calderón treats the patients of angina pectoris and otherscardiac arrest, considered hopeless according to scientific medicine. || Medical Test Confirm the amazing results. ||




























Some routes the problems with the electrical impulses of the heart cause a very fast heart rate. The excess off electrical impulses can cause a very fast rate (tachycardia). On the other Hand the impulse  can take  place of  so fast  and irregular  way  that the  heart shakes  without  barking (fibrillation).


During the ventricular tachycardia unusual electrical circuits in the ventricles settle down,  generally  in zones  of the  muscle that  have  been  damaged during  an attack  or diseases  cardiac.
The electrical signals, enter the abnormal circuit and circulate continuously, inducing ventricular contractions in each return, which causes a very fast beat.

The ventricular tachycardia can even rise to an arrhythmia but it burdens, call ventricular fibrillations.





The ventricular fibrillation take  place when the ventricles  contain  a great  one   number  of abnormal  circuits, generally  the zones  where  the muscle  cardiac this  damaged.

When the electric impulses  enter these  circuits, the  ventricles  annoy  and  irregularity very quickly  so that  the  muscle of the  heart  cam pump effective.

If case the heart arrives at point in which it lets pump blood completely (for cardiac) the person can died to less than   she receives emergency treatment to recover the normal system cardiac.





The chess angina is the pain produce  in the chest when  sufficient  sanguineous  contribution  does  not arrive  at the  heart, exist  two types of chest  angina:

Stable angina: It’s  the one  that takes  place  after a physical  effort, more  or less  hard , after an abundant  food, by stress , etc . It lasts approximate of between 1 and 15 minutes and responds to the rest already medicines well.

Unstable angina: It’s that takes place in  rest  or without  as much  effort, present a display  greater  duration and  it does  nor respond to medicines  so well . It represents a greater risk of cardiac attack.