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the cure of heart pains without the use of surgery proceedings, Ladislao Calderón treats the patients of angina pectoris and otherscardiac arrest, considered hopeless according to scientific medicine. || Medical Test Confirm the amazing results. ||
















For the traditional, the serious ailments cardiac, like the angina of chest and arrhythmia cardiac, single medicine can treat surgically, by means of a greater surgery of the coronary arteries, to place bypass, or the implantation of marks step, according to is the case. Nevertheless, scientific investigator Ladislao Calderon, after 45 years of patient investigation, has perfected a treatment that can cure the heart with no need to arrive at invasive procedures.


The treatment of Mr. Calderon cures in two months or three months according to the case, and Amazonian becomes on the base of a secret compound of grass of ours and some plants of the coast. This treatment does not have contraindications and with him, Calderon has healed from executive young people on the brink of madness infarct, to old patients who, by their age could not be put under a surgical treatment, reason why they were evicted by the traditional medicine.

Most of the patients of investigator Ladislao Calderón, it has three things in common, arrived at the consultation affected by severe ailments cardiac, like chest angina and arrhythmia, was evicted by the traditional medicine that refused to operate them by its outpost age or because they had already undergone several previous operations. Deserving point in common of these people is that all has been cured with a miraculous naturist treatment. But what really it astonishes it is not the fact of the treatment but that this is obtained with a total regeneration of weaves cardiac. Normally when it happens an infarct to the heart, the damaged muscle cardiac is replaced by scar weave that can diminish the capacity of pumping of the heart and to lead to potentially mortal arrhythmias. The coronary surgery of bypass causes scars that, with time affect the normal work of the heart. In the scientific medicine treatment does not exist that can regenerates affected weaves, thing that if it obtains the treatment of Mr. Calderon