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the cure of heart pains without the use of surgery proceedings, Ladislao Calderón treats the patients of angina pectoris and otherscardiac arrest, considered hopeless according to scientific medicine. || Medical Test Confirm the amazing results. ||









45 years ago, Calderon began to experiment with medicinal plants, trying to cure its progenitor of a cancer to the esophagus, as soon as the doctors refuses to give treatment him because the disease was in a very advanced  state and  only  faith  was lets three months of life.


Calderon obtained that those three months extended during eight year. When her mother   passed away, the doctor was surprised when discovering that the cancer had disappeared. After  exprierencing  in own  meat the effects  of  an  infarct  to the  myocardium, Calderon  seted  out  to investigate on the  diseases was afflicting .It discovered  that  , according to canoes of the  traditional medicine, the  diseases  of the  heart  didn’t have  cures  and only  they were  dealt with  drugs  and  in case of worsening, with  surgery . After several years of  investigation  and many cured  patients, Calderon  affirm  with  total security that  has found the remedy  to heal  an ill  heart.

It’s not necessary that the  patients suspend the  treatment that  him  the doctors have  prescribed because the  therapy  with medicinal grass is not  antagonistic, affirms  Calderon , who   takes  care  in his doctor’s office of San Borja , previous  appointment calling  to telephone  2237441.