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the cure of heart pains without the use of surgery proceedings, Ladislao Calderón treats the patients of angina pectoris and otherscardiac arrest, considered hopeless according to scientific medicine. || Medical Test Confirm the amazing results. ||
































































































Some testimonies:


German Gildemeister

Jorge Luis Muñoz Zevallos

Alejandro Yaipen Capuñay

Edy Eugenio Sanchez Berrios

Alberto Porta Valverde

Aurora Gladys Chavez

Olga Marina Ramirez




gildem1Nine years after being operated of the heart, German Gildemeister returned to feel the classic symptoms of the chest angina. The medical examination confirmed their worse fears and to its  seventy nine years , the possibility  of a  new  intervention  did not  exist that  saved  its life. Practically it was evicted, nevertheless to cross in this way  Mr. Ladislao  , scientific investigating  Calderon that  with  a compound of grass  of our  Amazonian, cure  the heart  of Gildemeister.

This is a testimony. The 03 of May   of 1995, Mr. German Gildemeister Vidal was operated of the heart being placed three by you happen. During some time  everything march well  bur soon  Gildemeister  began to feel  as babbly  as before  the  operation  “it  walked  two  or three  blocks  and tapeworm that to stop  because it felt a strong  pain  in the chest” remembers.

A control returned to the hospital to become, in February of the 2004. The diagnosis of the doctors was angina of chest, complex ventricular arrhythmia and blockaded of the right branch. The prognosis, considering that Gildermeister already had 79 years old, was bad. “Knew Mr. Calderon in the 2003. when  my situation  cardiac  got  worse  began  to follow  the treatment that  it indicated to me “ Remembers Gildermeister.

The treatment, based on the administration by oral route of preparing of grass of our Amazonian and the coast, lasted two months. "To the fifteen days, I noticed a frank improvement and, before the month of initiate the treatment, could walk normally, without fatigue and without pain", it affirms Gildemeister. “Felt more confidence in the treatment of Calderon, because it did not suspend the medication to me that they gave me in the Insurance. They were not antagonistic treatments. And, since I began to take the remedies from Calderon, they were to me the malaises.

Back felt like like when just I left the operating theater of the Rebagliati, ten years ", remembers. Gildemeister, that at the moment is near turning the 81 years, is healthy "I feel well; I do not have no problem. Way 3 kilometers to the day without any effort ", says Mr. to us Gildemeister, who continues becoming his controls of the heart in the Insurance, where the doctors are surprised of its recovery.”Mr. Calderon is a man guessed right enough.

He is my rescuer, because I was feeling very bad and with its treatment I healed myself. Very I am been thankful him ", says Mr. to us Gildemeister, who after two years and means to have taken the treatment of Mr. Calderon did an echo to him cardiogram where their heart and its arteries worked to a 99% verifying this way that it had been cured totally.




poli1Three years back, Mr. Jorge Luis Muñoz Zevallos, of 46 years of age, underwent of arrhythmia cardiac and sleepily of the left arm. In spite of his initial distrust, he followed the treatment of Mr. Calderon and today one feels cured.

The JLMS disease cardiac, a police in activity, was diagnosed in the Hospital of Solidarity. "Tablets prescribed to me, but when taking it felt them Motion sicknesses  And headache, in addition to other indirect effect", it remembers.

These annoyances took it to discontinue the medical treatment. A day saw in a magazine store with information on Mr. Calderon and his miraculous treatment for the heart.

«I doubted, because there are so many people who deceive", she remembers. In spite of it, it was decided to call to Calderon by telephone and arranged an appointment.

«When talking with him, Mr. Calderon began to gain my confidence; still more when it assured to me that the main thing was that I healed myself, before the economic aspect of the treatment ", remembers.

During three months, our interviewed person put in treatment, taking the grass that Mr. Calderon gave him. "The first week, I did not feel anything, but after that time, the sleepily of the arm disappeared. That gave forces me to continue ", says to us.

In the second week of treatment, the oppression in the chest disappeared and, after three weeks, the symptoms of the arrhythmia disappeared totally. "Now I do not have the malaises that suffers me during three years, the arrhythmia has disappeared and I give to faith and testimony of them", says JLMS, that recognized that Calderon is a man who looks for, first of all, to cure to the human being, "and not to take advantage of, like others".

Our interviewed person has retaken his activities in the Police, in addition to his workings like sport leader. "With the medicine of Mr. Calderon I feel better, no longer have I had neither malaise nor lack of appetite; I can walk well and I have begun to make a routine of exercises ", assures.

«I request that the people who are ill, as I was it, have confidence in the treatment of Mr. Calderon. Perhaps they have doubts or they create that it is a deceit, as I thought about a beginning. But finally, those are the results that give the reason him ", says.




The testimony of Alexander Yaipen Capuñay is particularly dramatic. Patient of the heart twice in less of a year, between 2001 and 2002, Yaipen was hospitalized of emergency in May of this year. The diagnosis, like the previous ones: obstruction of an artery of the heart.

At the end of year 2001. Alexander Yaipen went to the hospital to become a control meticulous. He felt much fatigue after walking one or two blocks and it needed the air. Yaipen thought that it could be a pulmonary disease, because it smoked several small boxes of cigarettes to the day. In the middle of the analyses,  Yaipen faint. It woke up in Intensive Cares, where they informed to him that it had undergone an infarct cardiac and it was necessary to operate it.

After the operation, in which pass practiced several to him by, Alexander Yaipen felt that something did not march well. Although one made an effort in the rehabilitation, the fatigue did not yield. Finally, nine months after the surgery, practiced a test of effort, the one to him that the obstruction of an artery of the heart threw like result.

«Mr. Calderon who operated the first time to me, I explain myself that one of the arteries had been plugged and that they were going to me to make another bridge so that more blood entered the heart and could improve", it remembers.

Nevertheless, the result of the second intervention was not better than first. Yaipen continued feeling fatigue and lack of air when walking. In May of this year, Yaipen was committed of emergency in a hospital of the Callao, where they diagnosed obstruction to him of a coronary artery. A new surgery was practically impossible for this man of 62 years. "My daughter saw a magazine, where they informed on the treatment of Mr. Calderon, and she requested that it go to see it to me", remembers Yaipen.

In the beginning, he was incredulous. "it did not think that the grass and ` pajitas' that gave Mr. me Calderon was going to me to cure", it says. Nevertheless, after two months of treatment, the symptoms of the disease of Yaipen have practically disappeared.

«Now way without feeling pain or breathlessness nor another annoyance, but a little fatigue. I do exercises, to run, and I fulfill my labor activities, that demand constant activity, without feeling annoyances. Even, in a celebration I danced a Huaylas without no problem ", says Yaipen" I hope that my testimony helps other people not to suffer as I underwent. Who has suffered an operation only knows the trauma that is taken place. Perhaps many people do not know the treatment of Mr. Calderon. I hope that this testimony can serve to them so that they are cured and they do not undergo the trauma of an operation ", says Yaipen that, adds smiling: "the grass and ' pajitas' yes have made effect in my».





Mr. Edy Eugenio Sanchez Berrios.

In the year 1991 I present a problem to the myocardium, went me to the clinic where me subministraron a few tablets to lower the pressure, Causing that was was going down me too much for which had to hospitalize me for a space of 9 days. Detected that tape-worm an auxiliary obstructed artery, with the time one was aggravating me as which I have nowadays 3 bypass,in February, 2006 it was the last operation that they me realized but in October of the same year they returned the discomforts, i had motion sicknesses, saw clouded, was waving me with facility And the chest was hurting, for which had to be taking a tablet “Isolvide” to was calming the pain to the chest. Now with the treatment of Mr.Calderón sign I have stopped taking so much medicine and in 3 months has achieved me to recover, Even I have just done to me a " test of effort " and worked out negative, with which there is proved that I am cured.


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Mr. Alberto Porta Valverde.

Four years ago treated me as A Hypertension for which was taking “Enalapril”,But i had constant motion sicknesses, fort did to me a " test of effort " which worked out positive; en noviembre del mismo año tenia ya un fuerte dolor al pecho por lo cual tenia que tomar “Isolvide”.  Until I find out about the wonderful treatment that Mr Calderon sign and in December, 2006 I began the treatment and I can say that the pains and all the discomforts, pains to the chest, motion sicknesses and winkings have disappeared completely, feel surprised at my healing, which I take only 3 months.

Then I returned to do a " test of effort " which this time salio negative, with which it can only completely verified that I have recovered totally.


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Ms. Aurora Gladys Chávez.

I passed through x-rays thinking that i had pneumonia and it appeared that i had a heart that was too big. They sent me to "Cayetano Heredia" a Peruvian University, where they took an echocardiogram which gave the following result:

- Severe concentric hypertrophy of the left verticle.

- Moderate dilatation of the left auricle and severe dilatation of the left verticle.

- Severe septal hipokinesia and moderate anterior.

- Diastolic disfunction of the left verticle (type II).

- Mild tricuspid insufficiency.

- Laminar pericardium effusion.

- Cardiomegaly.

The doctors declared me past recovery and the only way they could heal me was with a heart transplant. I could not breath correctly, my chest ached. When i walked, i choked after a few steps. The pain in my knees was very intense and i was constantly dizzy.

Thanks to Mr. Calderón's treatment i have been able to overcome my disease. Now i feel all right. I walk, eat, sleep and go on with my regular life. Mr. Calderón i have been healed that is something the hospitals could never do.


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Ms. Olga Marina Ramírez.

19 years ago i had a histerectomy and afterwards i had arrhythmia, tachycardia and bradycardia, for which i had to take pills taht made me a little better, but my disease did not go away. They performed an electrocardiograma and i felt very tired, nervous, dizzy and i could not sleep. I called and got an appointment with Mr. Calderón and i thank god i did it because now i feel good after following his treatment.

Like normally, at the beginning i had my doubts but now i testify that Mr. Calderón's treatment has healed me and i hope it heals more people like me.


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